What is the Semi Private Boxing Class?

This program is designed so that you can jump in anytime and work with the trainer on boxing technique. It is not only for people who are seeking superb training to become amateur and/or professional boxers; it is for anyone looking to get a great workout and learn a new skill.

The trainer will show you step by step how to punch, move, and block. The advantage of a semi private program is that you get the attention you deserve while giving you the space to practice your newly learned technique on your own. There is no set schedule so you can come in anytime between the hours of 12pm~10pm.

What are the benefits of learning boxing?

Boxing is called the “sweet science” for a reason—it requires discipline, grace, precision, and accuracy. Like any other sport, you will get a solid workout. Boxing consists of jump roping (cardio), punching (upper body workout, hand eye coordination, precision), speed bag (agility) and more.