Maximum Conditioning/Sculpt + Stretch

What is Conditioning Class?

Slim down and tighten up with this 45 minute intense class using your own body and light weights to work your entire body into shape! This class will start with total body warm ups and stretches with light cardio and progress to intense total body burn. The class will focus on increasing reps and combining exercises to maximize the workout within in 45 minutes and will revolve around 3 different exercises for different muscle groups so no time is wasted and students leave class with nothing left without risking injury. The last 10 minutes will be abs and stretching.

What is Sculpt + Stretch Class?

Sculpt + Stretch class is exactly what it sounds like: sculpting your abdominal muscles to be tight and stretching them to bring you lean muscles. Exercises are pilates based so the focus is on the total core and exercises go beyond crunches for flatter abs and a taller spin. The class consists of 35 minutes of core exercises plus 10 minutes of solid stretching at the end to prevent injury.