Our Vision

Here at K2 Boxing, we train fighters. No, we’re not talking about thugs that throw punches on the street for no reason. We’re talking about the ones who are fighting every day to achieve their goals, whether in the ring, in the office, or in a classroom. Boxing requires discipline, brains (surprisingly), and courage.

Hey, we can’t churn out Pacquiaos by the dozen (and we won’t promise you anything) but we can teach you the basics. We offer no frills training to meet your goals. We make the best fighters through hard work, stellar training, and determination—no fancy stuff—so come on in.

Who We Are

K2 Boxing and MMA is a fitness facility located in Long Island City, New York. You can see us from the 33rd St 7 train stop. Come try a $10 trial class and check out some of our new equipment, inquire about Boxing or MMA program. Get the New Years started off right by losing weight, learning self discipline, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.