Lennox Blackmore

Trainer to World Champions.

Born and raised in the streets of Guyana. Amateur and Professional Champion. Three words in the game of boxing: “blood. sweat. tears.”

  • Started as an Amateur in 1971
  • Turned Pro 1974-1986
  • Won Guyana & British Commonwealth Championships
  • Fought for the World Championship in 1981 Against Aaron Pryor
  • Became Trainer in 1986
Trained World Champions and Fighters:
  • Julio Cesar Green (Middleweight WBA Champ)
  • Vivian Harris (Jr. Welterweight WBA Champ)
  • Jill (Zion Lion) Matthews (Womens IBF Champ)
  • 959 Sundell (Womens Middleweight Champ)
  • Elio Rojas (Bantam Weight Champ)
  • Shawn Garnett (WBC International Champ)
  • Sonya Lamonakis (4 Time Golden Glove Champ) Up & Coming Pro

Eddie Thompson

Brought up World Champions.

Trainer to champions for the “Golden Gloves” “Metro State” and “Empire State” Only gets called “Edward” by his fellow trainer, Lennox.

Motto: “Hard work makes champions.”

Hometown: Lumberton, North Carolina. Started boxing in 1975 at Spartan Gym located in Brooklyn, NY. Protege of George Washington, trained with Willie Badillo in 1990.

Worked with amateurs such as Paulie Malignaggi, Akbar Walton, Frankie Moore, and Sadam Ali. Trained numerous “Golden Gloves”, Metro State, Empire State, and National champions. Worked with Pros such as Keith Mullings for the Terry Norris fight; Vivian Harris and Richard Grant for the Harlem Hammer fight.

Yusef Robinson

Tough kid from Bronx, but a softie inside.

Amateur career: 100-15.
His bootcamp class will give you a workout.
When training with him “be prepared to come into the lion’s den.”

Hometown: Jamaica, Panama Started in 1982 boxing as an amateur. Won the 1989 “New Jersey Golden Gloves” Middleweight Division. Won the 1990 “New York Golden Gloves” Middleweight Division. Member of the USA National Team from 1990-1994. Amateur career consisted of 100-15. Professional career (Middleweight): 2001-2006. Boxing Training career: 2006-current.

Kevin Horowitz

Our late night MMA trainer (check class schedule) has been a trainer to MMA fighters for over 5 years. He is also a pro MMA fighter since 2009. His extensive experience as a trainer and pro fighter will help all levels, from beginner to advanced.

He has experience in many different styles of martial arts, including:

  • MMA
  • Muay Thai
  • Judo
  • Soo Bakh Do

Omowale Adewale

Our multi talented trainer, he can teach you the technique of boxing and help you build your physique to become a better athlete.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

  • Quarterfinals finisher at 2012 Golden Gloves
  • 2-time collegiate gold medalist in track & field
  • Former amateur bodybuilder finalist
Teaches different skills:
  • Boxing
  • Self-Defense using Jeet Kune Do techniques
  • Weight Training/Muscle Building
  • Conditioning

Joel Chang

Our in house group fitness trainer.

Trained under Renzo Gracie and John Danaher.
Avid Athlete. Wrestler. 3 Year Thai Boxer.
Will teach you MMA with the calmness of a Buddhist Zen monk.

  • Blue belt under Renzo Gracie in Manhattan
  • Trained under John Danaher
  • 3 years Thai boxing under Bakhary Susoho
  • Current boxing under Lennox Blackmore
  • Wrestling Experience