One-On-One Training

Set up a time to meet with any of our trainers for your fitness needs at your convenience. Special fitness and/or boxing regimens will be customized to fit your goals. Whether you are interested in becoming an amateur fighter or you would simply like to lose weight, we have a trainer here for you.

Boxing Trainers:
All of our boxing trainers have a proven record of fighters who know how to throw a punch. They have all nearly perfected the “sweet science” and are here to help you. You don’t have to aspire to be an amateur or professional to sign up, though they can help you with that too.

Eddie, Lennox, Mickey & Yusef: all work great with youngsters and uses boxing to build confidence and discipline; also breed champions.

Our trainer, Sarah Ann, is perfect for clients who are more comfortable with a female trainer and are looking for a bright, energetic person to work out with. Sarah Ann & Yusef: our in house fitness trainers; Sarah Ann is also able to work with prenatal and post natal women.