Here at K2 Boxing, we offer a highly discounted rate—discounted because we offer one low price for superb boxing training and gym use. Other gyms charge a fee (around $80/per month) just for gym use PLUS more for each session with a trainer, but we don’t.

Our Semi Private Boxing Progam includes: group fitness classes, unlimited gym use, and best of all semi private training unmatched at other gyms.

Our MMA program is also small and intensive, so you can get the personalized attention you deserve.

Our Personal Training/1-on-1 can be tailored to your needs and schedule. We can also give you a greater discount for the more sessions you sign up for.

So come on in and see what we’re all about, or try out our $10.00 trial. If you sign up we’ll deduct that $10.00 from your membership, making it a FREE trial.